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Research Assistants

The work and research done in the LPD Lab would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our Research Assistants (RAs). As an RA, undergraduate students at the University of Georgia have a chance to receive hands-on experience in the empirical research process, including data collection, analysis, and research idea development. Our RAs also participate in poster presentations and conferences that allow them to present their unique research questions and findings. See below for our current list of RAs, as well as some samples of past research presentations. 

Current Research Assistants

Megha Dilip

Julia Surbrook

Brooke Blystone

Carsynn Miller

Amanda Navin

Past RA Research Presentations

Burnout, well-being, and perception of meaningful work in nurses during COVID-19

Effects of gender and income on job satisfaction and happiness

The moderating effect of living situation on nurse burnout during COVID-19