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Organizations Lab Students Have Interned with or are Employed By


Lab Undergraduate Alumni

Connect with our lab alumni using their below email addresses.

Dayna Leanne Hardgrove

 Summer Nicole Molnar

 KayLeigh Gaines

 Tiffany Dane Wilburn

 Dominic Moore

Lane Elizabeth Siedor, I/O Psychology PhD Program, UGA

 Miles Moffit, I/O Psychology PhD Program, UNC Charlotte

 Ashley Salmon

 Aspen Robinson, I/O Psychology Masters Program, UNC Charlotte

 Beth Tabor

 Jorge Lumbreras, I/O Psychology PhD Program, UGA

 Stephanie Wood

 Hilary Daniels

Jaylyn Clark, Clinical and Health Psychology PhD Program, University of Florida

Chris Burkett

Maria Montavlo

Marco Olmedo

Samra Nisic

Kelli Durden, Georgia-Pacific

Molly Vaughn

Steven Sutherland

Shelby Hughes

Dominic Moore

Stephanie Kors

Ben Listyg, I/O Psychology PhD Program, University of Georgia

Nick Cecchini

Ian Armstrong, I/O Psychology PhD Program, Central Michigan University

Mariah Post

Sarah Anne Patton

Michelle Todd, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University

Anna Lorys, I/O Psychology PhD Program, Auburn University

Amber Davidson, Organizational Science PhD Program, University of North Carolina- Charlotte

Sarah Jaskevich, I/O Psychology MA Program, Salem State University

David Heller

Sarah Johnson

Shawn Foster

Chase Lyndale